NextStage Pro

NextStage turns the Microsoft Kinect into a real time virtual production camera

Realtime Camera Tracking


When combined with infrared or retroreflective markers, NextStage is capable of instantly and accurately tracking position and rotation in 3D space.

Instant Matchmoving


6DOF tracking lets users easily combine live action footage with virtual objects and sets, without the need for tedious frame-by-frame post processing.

Depth-based Keying


Separate live action subjects from the background in realtime. Depth mattes let users place live action people or subjects on a virtual set without the need for green screen.

Creative Effects


Depth mattes can be used as an instant, high quality garbage matte for green screen footage, or to quickly rotoscope actors and objects.

HD Capture


Capture uncompressed RGBA footage in 720p with NextStage Lite,

or sync tracking data to an external camera with NextStage Pro.

Unity Add-on


NextStage Pro includes an add-on for Unity, that lets users stream tracking data to their projects in real time.