NextStage Pro

Download either NextStage Lite or NextStage Pro, unpack the .zip file and run NextStage.exe



NextStage Pro will be prompt you to enter a license. Once entered NextStage has been installed.


Everything related to NextStage is contained within this folder.



Your captured videos and tracking data will be in the “Captures” folder.


Virtual Sets can be imported by placing .obj files into the “Sets” folder.


NextStage Pro has “Calibration” folder for external camera data.


There are 4 critical requirements for running NextStage.





If you are recording uncompressed footage you will need also a fast and large harddrive. Uncompressed RGBA video will need a harddrive that has a write speed faster than 110MB/s. Most solid state flash drives are capable of these speeds, as well as some physical hard disk drives.