NextStage Pro

These tutorials cover all of the features in the Beta versions of NextStage Pro and NextStage Lite.


These tutorials will be updated with subsequent releases, and will eventually be accompanied by video tutorials.


How to install NextStage and it's minimum requirements.


A general overview of how to use NextStage.


An overview of to use the NextStage for Unity add-on.


Information on retroreflective markers, how they work with NextStage, how to obtain them and best practices.


How to use the tracking menu and create marker sets.


How to use scene space masks to control depth based compositing.


How to import and position virtual sets.


An overview of the export settings and capture modes.


An overview of the capture window.


How to install and setup HD compression codecs.


Correcting and working with the Kinect’s automatic exposure.


How to work with and further refine depth mattes captured with NextStage.


How to work with and sync NextStage Pro’s tracking data.


How to set up and calibrate an external camera with NextStage Pro.